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Brandon Lingle’s writing and photography appears in many publications including The American Scholar, The New York Times (At War), The Normal School, The North American Review, Guernica, Zone 3, The Southeast Review, The Rumpus, TIME Battleland, Narrative, and others. A four-time “Notable Essay” selectee at Best American Essays, and National Magazine Award nominee, he lives in Texas and edits War, Literature & the Arts. An Air Force officer, he’s served in Iraq and Afghanistan and taught in the U.S. Air Force Academy’s English Department. He earned an MFA in nonfiction from Sierra Nevada College. His art reflects his views alone.

You can see more of his work at:

A conversation with Colin Halloran and selected photos, "Visual Art as Text: a conversation," in War, Literature, & the Arts #28, 2016

A conversation with Jesse Goolsby, Elliot Ackerman, Maurice Decaul, and Katherine Schifani, "Did That Really Happen?" on The Iowa Review blog, Oct. 17, 2016:

An essay, "Normal Miracles," in The American Scholar online, Sept. 26, 2016:

An essay, "Turbulence," in The American Scholar, Autumn 2016:
-- Audio version available on Audm:

An essay, "Relics of war and the stories they share," in The War Horse, August 2016:

An essay, "Stop Loss," finalist for the Chattahoochee Review's Lamar York Prize, March 1, 2016:

A conversation with Jesse Goolsby, "My Friend Walks with me," in  War, Literature, & the Arts #27, 2015:

A conversation with Richard Johnson, "Rendering War in Prismacolor," in  War, Literature, & the Arts #27, 2015:

An interview with Jesse Goolsby at The Southeast Review, Fall 2015:

An essay, "Tourniquet," in The Southeast Review 33.2, Fall 2015:
-- Notable in Best American Essays 2016

An essay, "I thought you were in Afghanistan," in Zone 3, Fall 2014:  

An essay with photo, "Death Recovery and Hope at a Hospital During Drawdown," in The New York Times (At War), Sept. 4, 2014:  

A photo, "Night Retrograde," in the Atlantic's In Focus photo essay, "Afghanistan: The Long Withdrawal," Sept. 2, 2014: 

An essay, "Keeping Pace," in Guernica, Aug. 1, 2014:  
-- Notable in Best American Essays 2015

An essay, "Virtually Lost," in The Rumpus, March 20, 2014:  

An essay, "What I Heard about the Lob Bombs," in the Washington Post's Doonesbury The Sandbox Military Blog, March 5, 2014:  

An essay, "Watching Football, Waiting for War," in The New York Times (At War), Feb. 27, 2014:  

An article, "Sweat and Mountains," at's Doonesbury The Sandbox Military Blog, March 29, 2013:

An article, "Inside Combat Rescue Cast and Crew Discuss the Impact of the Series," on National Geographic's television blog, March 25, 2013  

More than 20 photos in "A Color Project," from March 2013 - January 2014:  

An essay, "Hillaqa," in Epiphany's special war issue edited by Brian Turner, Winter/Spring 2013: 

An article, "Airmen featured in upcoming National geographic documentary series," on Air Force link, Jan. 16, 2013:  

An essay, "Climbing the World’s Highest Mountains to Honor Heroes," in The New York Times (At War), Jan. 9, 2013:  

An essay, "An Unvarnished View of War, Perched on a Helmet," in The New York Times (At War), Nov. 21, 2012:  

An article, "Aiming High…On The Ground," in TIME (Battleland), Nov. 15, 2012:  

An essay with photo, "Queen's Creek," in Guernica, Aug. 29, 2012:  

An essay with photos, "Stenciled Relief for Forward Operating Base Monotony," in The New York Times (At War), Aug. 21, 2012:  

An essay with photos, "In Troop Travel Limbo, Mesmerized by the Writing on the Walls," in The New York Times (At War), July 20, 2012:  

An essay, "Untitled Letter," in Letters for Logan: A legacy in letters of the determination, drive and heart of Capt. Derek Argel. Anthology edited by Deb Argel Bastian:  

One photo in Stirring's May 2012 issue:  

Flash fiction, "This Aspen's Stripping Can't Come Soon Enough," on the Dark Sky Magazine blog (Feb. 17, 2011):
-- Revived at  

Flash fiction, "@FilthyFew: Selected Tweets from Today's Biker Gang President," in Dark Sky Magazine #5:
-- Revived at

Two photographs in Redivider's Spring 2011 issue (Emerson College):  

Three photographs featured in Juked Magazine's "Moment" section:  

An essay, "Rip Rap," in the Evergreen Review Issue #125, Dec. 2010:

 An essay, "A Fair Fight in a Neutral Location," appears in the North American Review Vol. 294 Number 2, March-April 2009, (University of Northern Iowa):

--"A Fair Fight in a Neutral Location" selected as notable in The Best American Essays 2010:

--"A Fair FIght in a Neutral Location" selected to appear in the California Prose Directory: An Anthology of New Writing from the Golden State:  

An article, "Jon Krakauer's Where Men Win Glory: Pat Tillman as American Epic Hero," War, Literature and the Arts #22 (U.S. Air Force Academy):  

An essay, "Lone Star Brewery," appears in Narrative Magazine's Spring 2010 issue:

A photo essay, "Almost Wyoming," in the Platte Valley Review (University of Nebraska at Kearney):  

Two photographs, "Translucent Globe" and "Rancid Concert" appear in Redivider's Spring 2010 issue (Emerson College):

An essay, "Pry, Pick, and Claw," appears in Hot Metal Bridge's Spring 2010 issue (University of Pittsburgh):

A photograph, "Lake Manyara Dust," won Blue Earth Review's photo contest. The image appears on the Spring 2010 issue cover (Minnesota State University, Mankato):

A photo essay, "Maasai Steppe," appears in the Adirondack Review:

A photo essay, "Lone Star Condo Beer," appears in Anderbo:

A photo essay, "Mothballed," appears in Paradigm:

A photo essay, "Boneyard," appears in Drunken Boat #11 "Life in a time of Contraction":

An article, "An Outsider's Voice from Inside Iraq," appears in War, Literature and the Arts #21's special feature (U.S. Air Force Academy):

An essay, "Shrapnel in the Beams," appears in the inaugural issue of Crash Literary Magazine:

"Hit or Miss," a series of five photos won CutBank's online contest (University of Montana, January 2010):

Three photographs are featured in Juked Magazine's "Moment" section:  

An essay, "Quakes," appears in the Mississippi Review's "Nonfiction / Nonpoetry" issue (University of Southern Mississippi):

--"Quakes" was reposted here (December 2010):  

--"Quakes" earned an honorable mention in the New Millennium Writings Contest (January 2010):

An essay with photos, "Golden Elbow Reflections," appears in War, Literature and the Arts issue #15 (U.S. Air Force Academy):

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